Nov 3, 2018
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Do You Eat Potatoes Every Day? So Be Careful, This May Be Big Loss For You……….

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Potato is a vegetable that is made in almost every house every day, but do you know that by eating potatoes daily, it can affect your health. Potatoes have a direct effect on your health. Potatoes make your vegetable tasty but it harms your health. Let us tell you what kind of damage can you get from eating potatoes once a day.

According to research, people who eat potatoes once a day have more blood pressure than other people. High blood pressure increases greatly by eating potatoes, chips made from it and French fries. Due to the increased blood pressure of long-term, heart attack risk also increases by 11 percent. At the same time eating potatoes 4 to 5 times a week increases the risk of about 11 percent high blood pressure.

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Eating potatoes can cause great harm to women’s health. By eating potatoes 2 to 3 times a week women can be at risk of blood-related diseases. At the same time eating French fries can increase the risk of developing a healthy health by 17 percent. Chips are very popular in children but eating chips can also cause high blood pressure.

This happens due to the high quantity of Glycemic in the potato. High Glycemic releases energy very rapidly in the body, causing blood sugar to grow rapidly and there is a problem of diabetes and high blood pressure. According to the research, eating potatoes increases weight significantly faster which can change your physical structure. Apart from this, eating more potatoes in women also keeps the risk of diabetes during pregnancy.


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