Nov 6, 2018
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Even before the Diwali, In Delhi pollution was 20 times more than the safe borders.

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There are two days in Diwali, but Delhi has become a gas chamber from now on. In Delhi, the thick mist was shaded on Monday morning and the temperature was also declining. Two days before the Diwali, the weather officials warned about the decline in air quality in the national capital this morning, the mantle wrapped in the morning. According to the statistics of the Delhi Pollution Control Board, the level of PM 2.5 in the south Delhi’s Okhla surveillance station was 644 this morning, which comes in the category of critical condition. That is, air pollution in Delhi is 20 times more than the safe borders. You know that PM 2.5 are fine particles, which can enter the lungs and cause respiratory diseases.

Pollution has reached at a critical level in Delhi-NCR. The Air Quality Index 707 on the temple route, 676 at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium and 681 at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. At the same time, Lodhi Rose is in poor condition in the area. You should know that this is a very dangerous level of air.

Delhi Pollution

Today visibility was less in the morning compared to Sunday. Tell us that the residents of Delhi rescued on Sunday when the air quality improved and due to the control measures implemented by the government, the quality of air improved significantly.

An official of the Air Quarter Forecasting and Research Center or Centrally operated system said that the AUI (Air Quality Index) is likely to remain very poor in the low range today, the atmosphere will be relatively clean.

An official of the Center-run ‘System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research’ said that due to improvement in air quality, the speed of air on the surface has increased by five kilometers per hour. It took away polluting elements. Apart from this the control measures taken by the authorities also contributed to this.

Indian Institute of Tropical Mythology said that compared to Thursday, the North-Western region of India had the source of air pollution and was polluting elements of other sources, but today the warning issued due to sudden increase in PM 2.5 has gone.

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