Feb 17, 2018
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Exclusive Interview of Mrs. India 2017- Ritu Gautam

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Ada Mrs. India 2017- Ritu Gautam who loves to dance and represented India in the closing ceremony of Common Wealth Games, Melbourne (2006) discussed with us her journey to success….

Ques: How will you describe your journey from being a homemaker to the winner of the  Ada Mrs. India contest?

Ans: Being married for 10 years now. I was born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I did my graduation from St. Stephen’s College and was a topper of (Delhi University in 2002)  After being married, there always lingered a thought that in all this happiness there is something missing. Then one of my friends tagged me on Facebook to the post of this competition. And with it, few of my near and dear ones pressed me to try this. I registered online and was selected directly as a finalist.we had grooming session for 8 days and the GRAND FINALE was On 24th December 2017,

Ques: What made you finalize the decision? What/who actually gave you the final push?

Ans:  In my college days, I use to take part in modeling competitions. Sushmita Sen is my inspiration and somewhere I always had this dream to walk on ramp professionally. But after I got married my sole aim was to be a good mother and a good wife. At that point of time, the post by my friend Komal Batra, , became a crucial turning point for me. She and one of my relative Mrs. Amita are the people, I would say gave me the motivation to take this up and has confidence that I can make it as a winner!!

Ques: Describe what was the feeling when you were being crowned?

Ans: I gave my 1000% into this competition. Whatever my mentors told me in my grooming sessions, I dedicatedly followed it. When the second runner-up was announced from the final 6, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was confident coz I gave my best but was still nervous and at the same time I was grateful for such a platform. So it was all mixed up feeling with an inner voice telling me to calm down and smile. Then I and the other lady, who got the first runner-up were called, that was the real breathtaking moment, with heart pounding, heartbeat fast. But then my name was called as the winner, all I can say is I felt proud and happy that all my hard work has finally paid off.

Ques: What is the role of your family in your journey?

Ans: No matter how much successful you are, if your family is not there, the success is not worth it. As I have two small children, one is 6 years old and the other is 3 and half-year-old, thus it would have been really tough for me, had it not been my husband’s support for it. I could stay out for grooming sessions just because I knew back home, everything was taken care of.

Ques: Other than the people about whom you mentioned, who helped you give the best of yourself?

Ans: My mentors in the grooming session, Mr. Kapil Gauhri, Mrs. Bornali Kakoti and Mrs. Anu Dagar .these three people gave me courage, motivated me and, helped me in the best possible way for the final go ahead.

Ques: What are your future plans?

Ans: I would like to use this opportunity and voice my opinion on crucial subjects like Women Empowerment, Educating the girl child, social security of females. I would like to help the women who have got potential but are unable to get a proper platform for their talents. With power comes great responsibility, so I have got social duties towards the section of society from where I have emerged, the married women who rarely get a chance to fulfil their dreams.  And not to forget I would be looking forward to take up modelling assignments as well.

Ques: If you get a chance to go back 20 years from now, what will you change in your life?

Ans: In the past, I would only like to make a small change; I had a dream of pursuing my studies abroad. I dreamt of studying at Oxford University. I could have done that as I was accomplished academically, but somehow it didn’t happen. That is the only thing I would like to add in my past. Other than this I don’t regret anything.

Ques: Is there something which holds you back?

Ans: I won’t say it holds me back, yes, but at times, when I see my children. It is like, while I am away there are things I know I will be missing from their childhood, this feeling had many a times lead me to think again about my dreams. But then I give whatever time I can to my kids even now, take up motherly duties when I get a chance.

Ques: Any childhood memories you would like to share?

Ans: I am fond of my father,mr Kailash Soni, a National Award winner in Kundan Meena jewellery he is the sole inspiration of my life. He taught me to live and dream. Each and every day spent with him turned out to be fond memories of childhood.

Ques: Would you like to give any success mantra or thought of life for the youth?

Ans: I tell myself again and again that we should visualise the life that we want to live, our goals, our dreams and should work hard then to achieve it. As, I believe manifestations can only be true when you learn to visualise.

Ques: How important is visualisation for you?

Ans: I am into spirituality. I follow the nichiren daishonins  Buddhism, thus when I use to chant in the morning sitting in meditation. I could clearly visualise myself standing in a red gown with the crown and the three subtitles that I had won. I had experienced it earlier also, thus I strongly believe it is important to live (visualise) the dream before trying to achieve it. Visualise to manifest is my way of life..