Ranbir Kapoor: we made Diffrents mistakes

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It’s the lack of `opportunity to try to to one thing path-breaking’ that had been keeping widespreadscreenland actor Ranbir Kapoor out of the Indian soccer scene until the Indian Super League happened. In associate degree interview to TOI, the Mumbai town FC co-owner detached onnumerous topics. Excerpts: What went wrong along with your team last […]

Ranbir Kapoor Confirms Marriage Plans With Katrina Kaif

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Actor Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s relationship has often made it to the headlines. Be it, their Ibiza vacation or being snapped during their family dinners, they have always been in the news. Although the duo have stayed mum for quite some time now, Ranbir has finally opened the secret and confirmed his marriage plans […]

Bombay Velvet has been certified as “A” by Censor Board

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The Censor Board of Film Certification has refused to pass Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Bombay Velvet’ with associate degree ‘U/A’ certificate citing reasons that its content is additional suited to adult viewing. A supply has been quoted within the report as expression that, “The Board asked for many cuts, together with the deletion of sure cuss words […]

Ranbir and Katrina mid Night Ride: a shot

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On Thursday, late in the night, RK took off in his fancy new sedan, with Kat besides him.No, they didn’t zoom down Bandra’s Carter Road, but raced down the more secluded Lokhandwala back road. An eyewitness, who spotted RK in all his Schumacher glory, narrated, “The music was blaring and they had rolled down the […]


Actor Ranbir Kapoor Flaunted His Tattoo On The Promotion Of Bombay Velvet

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Actor Ranbir Kapoor was spotted on the sets of the TV show India’s Got Talent for the promotion of his upcoming release Bombay Velvet. Accompanied by his co-star Anushka Sharma, Kapoor was seen bonding with Karan Johar, who essays the role of Kaizad Khambatta, the bad guy in the film. However, what caught our eye […]

Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Wedding Date Was Fixed Six Years Back’

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Actor Actor Ranbir Kapoor, WHO captive into AN lodging with thespian Katrina Kaif last year, confesses that he’s smitten however will not remark a marriage date. On whether or not his wedding are a non-public affair, Ranbir aforementioned, “I assume you can’t keep it non-public. we tend to area unit actors. My wedding date was […]


The Most Eligible Bachelor FINALLY Admits that he’s in love and feels like committing his future to Katrina Kaif!

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The actor was seen declaring the same at the launch of second trailer of Bombay Velvet. Wow, didn’t your day just get better? Actor Ranbir Kapoor, who is in news for his relationship with actress Katrina Kaif, confesses that he is in love but there are no wedding plans as of now.On whether his wedding will […]