Well, here’s an interesting twist to the ‘Slapgate’ controversy! Mohammad Akil Malik, the guy who had slapped actress Gauhar Khan during the grand finale of reality show ‘India’s Raw Star’, as she was wearing ‘inappropriate clothes’, now claims that he slapped her because he was paid by Gauhar for doing it.

But Gauhar has rubbished Malik’s claim. Here’s what Gauhar said in a press statement:

This is my one and only response to the most ridiculous claim made by an accused who attacked me, went to jail for it and came out only to prove even more what a threat he is to normal living in India for girls, and also the weak stature even the media gives to a girl who especially belongs to the film or TV world. What this man is claiming is a clear attempt to get away from the heinous crime he committed. It’s absolutely bogus and a very poorly staged and filmy story obviously recommended by people who believe that our law will let him get away with such baseless stories.